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Book list

Economics and Finance

  • The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return

Autobiography / Memoir

  • Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America: 感觉这本书的优点是对细节的记录很多,补充了一些资料上的空白,当然缺点也有,比如感觉作者从进入戈壁后的一生好像没有明显的“错误”,也就失去了一些立体性,当然这些事情都是内心中非常隐秘的角落,不能强求。不过还是学到了一点,就是无论客观条件如何,日子是一天天过的,要有一个能接受各种各样不如意的心态,同时不断去争取新的机会。


  • Mathematical Logic (by Ebbinghaus)
  • Introduction to Mathematical Logic (by Wolfgang Rautenberg)
  • Category Theory (by Steve Awodey)
  • Conceptual Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra & its applications
  • Graph Theory With Application
  • Abstract Algebra Theory and Applications
  • Proof Theory (by Samuel R. Buss)


Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Algorithm Design Manual
  • Algorithms: a functional programming approach
  • Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design
  • Purely Functional Data Structure


  • Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
  • Implementation of Functional Programming Languages

Parallel Computing

  • Programming Massively Parallel Processors


  • Learn you a Haskell for Great Good
  • Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell
  • Real World Haskell


  • C++ Primer
  • Effective C++
  • Modern C++ Design


  • Learning Python
  • Python 源码解析 (in Chinese)


  • Real World OCaml


  • Java in a Nutshell


  • The Official Rust Book
  • Rust for C Programmer
  • Rust by Example

Programming Languages Theory

  • Concepts of Programming Languages
  • Types and Programming Languages
  • Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages
  • Semantics with application
  • Practical Foundations for Programming Languages


  • Coq'Art
  • Software Foundations
  • Certified Programming with Dependent Types
  • Program Logics for Certified Compilers


  • A Bug Hunter's Diary
  • Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

Static Analysis

  • Principles of Program Analysis


  • Computer System: A Programmer's Perspective
  • Introduction to Computing Systems: From bits & gates to C & beyond
  • The Garbage Collection Handbook
  • Assemblers and Loaders
  • Virtual Machines: Versatile Platform for Systems and Processes
  • Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment


  • The Art of Multi-processor Programming

CS Uncategorized

  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • Distributed Computing Principles, Algorithms, and Systems
  • Data Science From Scratch
  • Learning GNU Emacs
  • The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2ε
  • CJKV Information Processing
  • Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization
  • The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD and Eclipse
  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach
  • Modern Operating System
  • Software Engineering (by Ian Sommerville)


  • PhD Grind
  • 《上海交通大学学生生存手册》 (Survives SJTU)
  • Economics: The User's Guide
  • 《歐文字體1:基礎知識與活用方法》(by 小林章)