Amazon Six pager

Benefit #1: Provide more context. The story-telling narrative helps to tie all the numbers and analysis into a coherent story, providing an opportunity to review the core data going into a decision and share the process that leads to the final decision. Benefit #2: Accelerate knowledge sharing. A collection of these well-written documents enable everyone in the company to internalise a whole new space within 30 minutes of reading. Greatly optimising how quickly and how many different initiatives the team can work on in parallel. Benefit #3: Encourage learning. The writings established the records for future clinical examination and instituionalised proprietary learning. When the final result is out, it'd be much easier to review and hopefully learn from it by comparing the written records to what actually happened. Bezos said : "We have so many metrics . . . and the thing I have noticed is that when the anecdotes and the data disagree, the anecdotes are usually right. There’s something wrong with the way you’re measuring.

Component #3: silent reading session. This is the weirdest meeting I'd imagine. When asked "Why don't you read the memos in advance?" Bezos replied "Time doesn't come from nowhere. This way you know everyone has the time. The author gets the nice warm feeling of seeing their hard work being read.”