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Coq-Art Extraction

Two challenges:

  1. Due to use of dependent type etc., the well-types programs in Coq might not be correct in target.
  2. Functions in the CoC may contain logical aspects, which is not related to computation.

command: Extraction " " f1 ... fn

Two operations performed in extracting an object of CoC:

  1. Inductive type: removing the type and proof arguments from the constructors
  2. Functions or values: Type expressions are removed; proofs expressions are removed or sometimes replaced by a unique value.

In Coq, polymorphism is expressed with dependent types, while polymorphic type parameters are given in OCAML.

Ex 10.1

type 'a option=
    | Some of 'a * 'a option
    | None of 'a option

let rec nth' l n = match l, n of
    | nil, _           -> None
    | cons(a, tl), 0   -> Some a
    | cons(a, tl), S p -> nth'(tl, p).

? What does "Implicit Arguments" in Coq means? I suppose it is used in polymorphic definitions, as serve as a way to omit some related notations.

Problem about pattern matching and proof irrelevance:

Definition or_to_nat (A,B:Prop)(A∨B) : nat :=
    match H with or_introl h ⇒ S O | or_intror h ⇒ O end.

Mapping from proofs of sumbool types to proofs of or types.

Definition sumbool_to_or (A B:Prop)(v:{A}+{B}) : A∨B :=
  match v with
    | left Ha ⇒ or_introl B Ha
    | right Hb ⇒ or_intror A Hb