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In this module, we will understand the compilation pipeline of PureScript. The Make can indicate that, it is not simply a intra-module transformation, but a whole process including:

  • Import/Export
  • Dependency Track and Timestamp
  • Read/Write source/generated from filesystem
  • Monitoring the progress

If timestamps have not changed, the externs file can be used to provide the module's types without having to typecheck the module again.

  1. sortModules: Analyze dependency and sort modules (from Language/PureScript/ModuleDependencies.hs)
  2. barriers :: [(ModuleName, (MVar (Maybe (MultipleErrors, ExternsFile)), MVar (Maybe MultipleErrors)))]: Split the build into concurrent stages.
  3. For every module in sorted
    • Fork a new thread and check if dependency exists
    • buildModule
      • Wait on dependencies to be built and return the externs
      • Decide whether to rebuild based on timestamp of dependencies and the module to build
      • If need, then rebuild
        • Load the externs of deps to Environment
        • lint
        • desugar
          • Desugar object literals with wildcards into lambdas
          • Desugar operator sections
          • Desugar do-notation using the @Prelude.Monad@ type class
          • Desugar top-level case declarations into explicit case expressions
          • Desugar type declarations into value declarations with explicit type annotations
          • Qualify any unqualified names and types
          • Rebracket user-defined binary operators
          • Introduce type synonyms for type class dictionaries
          • Group mutually recursive value and data declarations into binding groups.
        • typeCheckModule
        • checkExhausiveModule
        • createBindingGroups
        • moduleToCoreFn
        • renameInModules
        • moduleToExternsFile
        • codegen the renamed module
      • If not, then markComplete
  4. Collect errors from the second MVar in barrier
  5. Bundle up all the externs and return them as an Environment

Now, let try to understand the MakeActions m:

Actions that require implementations when running in "make" mode. This type exists to make two things abstract:

  • The particular backend being used (Javascript, C++11, etc.)
  • The details of how files are read/written etc.

It means that the I/O and codegen are abstracted here.


What we can learn from this module is the module organization of PureScript and the compilation pipeline.