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Conf notes

2018 Google Cloud Summit

Security and privacy

Why multi-cloud? What are the challenges?

What kind of Chaos when transforming from traditional to cloud?

Computation resource linear workload — ML

Tools for (non programmers) to build AI/ML applications

Could I tell a story?

Combine legal tech, cloud regulation, and security & privacy concerns.

Phenomenal amount of data generate in the business.

Why is cloud configuration so complex?

Cloud security!

Surprising thing on S3: mostly computation in S3

Challenges of multi-/hybrid-cloud: sensitivity, control. How to interface? What does the customer need?

Icertis Integris ExtraHop

The speed of new data coming out is faster than data being programmed and consumed.


What opportunities are their for trade war and tech bipolar?

Seattle has more of VC, but less of startup whisper.

EQ IQ. AQ is adaptive ability.

Retrain business.

capital is easiest thing to flow.

Time is more expensive.

Slack uses ML for personalization on a small, incremental scale. Such as optimizing use experience, not big splashing thing. A lot of incremental changes.