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Binders are similar to pattern in the context of Haskell AST.


f _ = 1     -- Null Binder
f True = 1  -- Boolean binder, and other primitive binders
f x = x     -- Variable Binder, Ident should be "x"
f (Cons x xs) = x -- Constructor Binder, `Cons` should be name, `x` and `xs` are recursive binders
f { first : x, second : y } = x + y -- Object binder
f [x, y, z] = x + y + z -- Array binder
f l@(Cons x xs) = l     -- Named Binder
f (x :: Int) = 1 :: Int -- Typed Binder


The Data.Tuple is in a separate library without special effect. This is intuitive - since JavaScript doesn't provide tuple natively as well.

However, it would be very powerful, if a compiler plugin can be introduced and manipulate over the tuple automatically. For example, $(a, b, c) is rewritten as Tuple (Tuple a b) c. Binders should also be rewritten, certainly.

And NullBinder is a bad name. WildCardBinder, or even UnderScoreBinder would be far better.