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Requests & In-Progress Guides

Here are the top-requested guides up for review and publication. If contributing, submit a PR and link to your guide here, or chime in on in-progress drafts. When guides are approved, they'll be moved to the README

Management * Guide to Engineering Levels: how / when to construct basic eng ladders/levels * Engineering Levels Template: basic template for engineering ladders/levels (IC, EM) * Guide to Managing Remote Teams: tips especially relevant for managing distributed/remote eng teams * Guide to Team Structure: how to structure teams (horiz, vertical, layers, etc.)

Feedback * Guide to Designing Performance Reviews: how/when to introduce a structured perf review system

Development Practices * Incident Reports: template / how-to guide for capturing important incident data * Incident Reviews: tips for a forum used to review / retro past incidents * On-Call Rotations: guide to setting up on-call / incident response rotations

Product * Project Briefs: summary of a new product feature or project to share context within the company

Team Building * Icebreakers: common team offsite/new member icebreaker activities * Retrospectives: exercises you can use to retro failed/successful projects or team initiatives

Recruiting & Onboarding * Guide to Sourcing: how to cold-source and leverage referrals * Engineering Team Pitches: how to sell your team(s) to prospective candidates * Interview Rubric Template: sample template for what a good interview rubric could look like